Varicose veins: My results after 7 months | Pictures & facts

You can read more about varicose vains on Wikipedia. I can tell you that if you do see the condition, there are many natural ways to treat it. There are no products that have been proven to stop the condition in any other way other than varicose. For those who want to know the exact cause of varicose in the first place, see the article on "why do we get varicose"

What Is The "Bones" Of The Body?

Most people are very curious about the "bodies" of their pets and people, so they ask me for my opinion about what the bodies are like. I explain that the human body is a combination of bones, organs, and connective tissue, but not all of these things work together. For example, the brain is composed of cells that are made up of neurons (nerve cells), and it is made up of many different types of nerve cells, not just neurons. The body can also contain some cells, known as endocrine cells, which don't function together, but can be involved in producing hormones (e.g. growth hormone). For a more detailed description of the various types of bodies, see the article "What is the body?"

Is It Real?

Some people have taken part in a research study and found that the results can be interpreted in many ways.

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If the conversation is about reducing varicose veins, Varikosette also linked to this issue - why? ...