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Here is an abbreviated description of my recommendations for supplements. For more detail, read the book.

I am not an expert on these supplements. The book is more than a dozen pages long. I use it when a supplement is not available or I am not confident in a specific product. I don't have a doctorate in nutrition or any other medical specialty, so my advice may not be suitable for everyone. I am not a doctor and am not claiming that the information contained in this book is 100% accurate. I just wanted to share my experience with many people who may be interested in taking supplements, and also in general health care. I hope that I can answer all the questions that you may have. Copyright 1998-2009 by David W. Lee The original book was a few pages long. It was meant to be taken in a sitting and not to be read over the course of a day, but I took it on my walks, at work, and during the summer. A short note about me I was born on April 1st, 1967, and my parents were born on June 1st, 1951. My father was a medical doctor who was a student at UCLA.

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