Parasites: My results after 7 months | Pictures & facts

The good news is that there is a simple solution that will kill most parasites on the skin.

Here's how you can prevent most parasite infections on your skin.

1. Cut and clean the skin. I use antiseptic soap on the wounds. I put a drop of mild detergent on the wound, then I scrub the wound with a cotton swab. I don't use soap because of the possibility of getting lice.

2. Remove dead skin. Sometimes people remove dead skin because they don't want to put their hands into a dirty area. 3. I use a lot of water with antibacterial soap (if it's strong, I don't bother with soap) and a little bit of cream on the wound. It doesn't matter what you use; the soap, cream, and water should work well. 4. When it's clear and feels comfortable, go on. There are some cases where you have to apply pressure, but the best time is when the wound is dry and the bandages are off, like after a massage. 5. A bandage will take about 45 minutes to a half-hour to completely remove. There are two ways to take care of a bandage:

1. Do not use soap or cream.

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